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Here, XYZ would argue that Bob was fired because of his inappropriate behavior, not his age. Perhaps there was a written policy regarding appropriate communication that the company could reference. While its seems that Bob would struggle with proving the prima facie case and XYZ has a legitimate, non-discriminatory basis for firing him, there is a chance that he could prevail at trial—not to mention the exorbitant legal fees to fight such a claim.

I thought employment was at-will and I can fire anyone for any reason? The truth is that employers have many options. While these options might not prevent a lawsuit, they can minimize the exposure and the impact to your business should a claim arise.

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Here are some options for XYZ to consider:. Many companies choose to use severance agreements when there is little written documentation to support the separation and to ensure that the business is protected.

The Aging Worker: Burden or Asset?

It is not uncommon to see weeks of pay for every year of service, dependent on the nature and the reason for the separation. For instance, higher severance may be given to an employee that is being laid off than to an employee who is not meeting expectations. Legally, an exit interview is not required. We recommend conducting an exit interview, however, even if the manager or HR knows the feedback may be negative. Exit interviews are often a great way to mitigate claims from a potentially dismantled ex-employee as it gives them a way to air their concerns, and the Company an opportunity to address those concerns and follow up.

The foregoing examples are practical tips for employers to mitigate potential age discrimination claims and are not intended to be legal or formal HR advice. Employer Issues in an Age of an Aging Workforce. Can XYZ terminate Monica with minimal exposure? Even if XYZ prevailed in court, litigation would be costly and time-consuming. XYZ could implement a similar performance improvement plan for Bob that it implemented with Monica, with the condition that any inappropriate behavior or misconduct will lead to immediate termination.

This would prevent Bob from arguing that Monica was treated more favorably, but he could still sue for age discrimination.

XYZ could terminate Bob but also offer him a severance package in exchange for a waiver and release of claims, including an age discrimination claim. Related Posts.

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Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] : Skillsoft, Aging workers and the employee-employer relationship Matthijs Bal, Dorien T. Kooij, Denise M. Rousseau, editors. Introduction to aging workers and the employee-employer relationship. Matthijs; Kooij, Dorien T.


Publication: Bal, P. Some individuals with disabilities may have limited networks to access for employment development due to lack of previous employment or few social connections.

Assistance to expand their network though informational interviews or networking groups can address this issue. Just as employers have developed targeted approaches to recruit older workers, specific approaches to maximize community networks can help recruit candidates with disabilities. For example, the Workforce Recruitment Program for College Students with Disabilities WRP connects employers with postsecondary students and recent graduates with disabilities looking for employment [U.

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This partnership focuses on making effective job matches between employers and workers with and without disabilities. Volunteering can be a good opportunity for individuals with disabilities to become familiar with a specific job, work environment, and potential employer.

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  8. Employers also get an opportunity to observe the contributions the person could make to the workplace. Volunteering can be a very effective strategy when used as a step in the process towards paid employment. With many employees beginning to age out of the workforce, businesses need to identify a variety of sources to meet labor needs. Targeted recruitment strategies can be an effective way to reduce employment barriers and increase opportunities for older workers to participate in the workforce. To maintain a diverse workforce, companies and have implemented targeted recruitment programs to access the talents of workers with disabilities.

    Older workers as a source of wisdom capital: broadening perspectives

    Corporations such as CVS have engaged in initiatives to expand opportunities for job seekers with disabilities within their companies by partnering with the Employer Assistance Recruiting Network EARN. IBM also applies specific strategies for increasing the number of people with disabilities it employs. Adecco USA, a staffing company, partners with the U. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy to develop initiatives around disability.

    A variety of efforts have increased employers' access to this underutilized talent pool. For example, organizers are now designing career fairs specifically to provide businesses and job seekers with disabilities with opportunities to connect, and generic job fairs now include disability-related information. Companies formed the U. Business Leadership Network to promote best practices in hiring, retaining, and marketing to people with disabilities.

    Like senior placement agencies, placement agencies for workers with disabilities community rehabilitation providers also help employers fulfill their human resource needs. These organizations often have unique relationships with local employers and can ascertain the skills, required tasks, and preferences of employers and job seekers. They can provide training where skill gaps exist and help new employees learn the job. Public and private workforce development systems can also assist businesses with obtaining the most qualified pool of employees, whether they be older workers, workers with disabilities, or any other group.

    These agencies are a valuable free resource to help employers penetrate the local diverse talent pool. Customized Employment projects through the U. The retention strategies identified for older workers can make the workplace better for all workers, and specifically those with disabilities.