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The diffusers shall be concentrated to provide an airflow pattern over the patient and surgical team. The area of the primary supply diffuser array shall extend a minimum of 12 inches beyond the footprint of the surgical table on each side. No more than 30 percent of the primary supply diffuser array area shall be use for nondiffuser uses such as lights or gas columns. Because the greatest amount of the bacteria found in the OR comes from the surgical team and their activities during surgery, turbulent air patterns within an operating room are to be avoided.

To provide a unidirectional air pattern, laminar flow diffuser arrays Group E , sized to introduce air into the room at low velocities of maximum face velocities of 20 to 35 fpm, are used. The velocity is low enough to prevent secondary entrainment of room air into the supply pattern. Two filter banks for air handling serving ORs are required.

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Filter bank number 1, MERV 7, is located prior to any cooling coils, while filter bank number 2, MERV 14, is located downstream of any fan, coil, or drain pan. Current design practices for air distribution in operating rooms rely heavily on research by Memarzadeh and Manning.

Early research in the late s by Kenneth Goddard started the industry dialog about total air changes needed in operating rooms to minimize post-operative infection rates. Note on the curves that increasing air changes per hour from 20 to 25 reduces bacteria colonies per cubic foot of room air from 3. These curves have been used as one reason for supplying up to 40 air changes per hour in heart and orthopedic operating rooms. As specialists we know the BRSIA regulations in great detail and can let you know all the information to ensure that you can conform to these requirements.

If you would like to find out more information regarding the HVAC systems we supply and install get in contact with us today. As specialists we are able to give you all the details you need to know regarding the heating and cooling services as well as the commissioning process.

Just fill in the enquiry form provided and we will be in touch as soon as we can answering all your questions. Commissioning Specilaists We carry out commissioning on all HVAC systems we install to ensure that they are performing effectively and have a long life expectancy.

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Get a quick quote. The options we have available are: Air conditioning and heating split system - This unit has a component on the inside and outside of the system which can circulate the cool and warm air to find a temperature to suit you. Hybrid heat system - The hybrid is similar to the split unit however it uses more advanced technology and has more components.

Duct-free split system - These systems have a range of accessories including a heating or cooling, thermostat, fan coil and many other features. Packaged heating and cooling system - This unit can be used in a range of facilities as they are great in confined spaces and have a variety of features. The 7 codes include: Code A is the air distribution system which deals with all the necessary stages that need to commission and air distribution system. A range of preparatory checks need to be made to ensure that it meets air flow regulations.

Code B involves boilers. The development of boilers have increased over the recent years which is why the second code has been reviewed a number of times and had various changes made. We take into account the changes in technology when looking into the boiler commissioning. Code C looks into automatic controls which means observing and testing whether the control systems are effective. This code provides up to date data and details on the controls with recommendations and advice.

Commissioning lighting is crucial for the requirements of new buildings and major refurbishments under the Building Regulations Part L2. The lighting commissioning code is one of the newest codes which looking more into the construction process where the decisions are made. Code M is for commissioning managers, engineers and other designers and installers.

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This is a crucial code to ensure the safety within the building and that everything has been commissioned correctly, at the appropriate times. This will overall help improve the performance of the facilty. Code R is the penultimate code which is for the refrigerating system. This code is also a feature that can define the process which need to be carried out. Code W is the final code which focuses on water distribution systems.

This offers the process to commission buildings and their systems correctly. It is a safe, high quality and comfortable environment for energy. This presents commissioning as reccommendations and guidance.

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As every system is different, there is not always a set way in which the unit can run, however as specialists we set up each device perfectly to ensure you're happy with the results. We have a range of HVAC systems available which can suit any facility. As experts we can help you find the perfect heating and cooling unit that will suit your property and its purpose. The options we have available are:. Each of these HVAC structures can provide you with different results depending upon the sort of building you have and the people inside. If you have a commercial building you may require a different system to a domestic property as everyone will have different levels of thermal comfort.

As experts we are able to discuss each of the HVAC units with you to find exactly what you are looking for. Fill in the enquiry form provided and we will be in touch as soon as we can with more detail. Whether you're looking for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installers closest to you, our experts can give you the quality service you require. No matter what your facility is or its purpose, we are able supply and install a HVAC unit which meets all regualtions and guidelines.

As you can alter the temperature to suit the users, our systems are growing increasingly popular. For properties without a heating and cooling unit, you might not be able to accommodate everyones individual needs, leaving them feeling uncomfortable. If you'd like to learn more about our installation process or the ways in which the HVAC's can benefit you, speak to us today! We provide high quality results that leave you satisfied. As commissioning engineers we are able to offer you a great service with brilliant prices.

We carry out HVAC commissioning across the UK everyday to ensure that the systems are performing to a high standard and you are happy with the unit in place. Our main duty is to supply and extract ventilation balancing whilst also flushing out vents for cleaning. We have many services available which as professionals, we can carry out to the highest standards.

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Complete the enquiry form provided and we will give you further information that you may require. This will ensure that the project meets the requirements. This process includes observing, verifying and arranging onsite tests to make sure all properties and performances meet the project guidelines. Commissioning management involves the process of organising, planning, control and co-ordination of the commissioning duties.

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If you require more details regarding the prices of the services we can carry out for you, fill in the contact form provided. The 7 codes include:. Our experts can get back to you as soon as they can answering all your questions. This provides a framework which can help us perform to these levels at all times. Part L Building Regulations seek to improve the process of facilities through the use of high quality commissioning. As specialists we know the BRSIA regulations in great detail and can let you know all the information to ensure that you can conform to these requirements.