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Dajjal? The judeo-Christian 'Civilization'!

Islamic Finance or Financing Islamism? Alex Alexiev, Center for Security Policy, PDF 98KB. PDF 28KB. Meaning of Holy Quran Marmaduke Pickthall, The Companions replied: We are discussing the subject of the Last Hour. Thereupon he said: It will not come until you see ten signs. Although these signs were not given by the blessed Prophet peace and blessings of. Allah Most High be upon him in their chronological order of occurrence I have made an effort to put them in that order, with the ones that have not as yet occurred at the bottom of the list.

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How did I arrive at the above order? That army would be on its way to attack Imam al-Mahdi, the descendent of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him. It was prophesied that he would restore the Islamic Caliphate or Islamic model of a state in the Arabian peninsula. It is after that sign has occurred i.

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It follows that his return must come chronologically at the end of the list. And so now that it appears that the major earthquake in the East has occurred, we await four more major signs that still remain to occur. Israel would then seize control of the Suez Canal and all the oil of the Arabian Gulf.

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By the end of that third stage, Dajjal the false Messiah or Antichrist would have been born into the world of Jewish parents, would have risen to become ruler of Israel and, hence, would have completed his mission to rule the world from Jerusalem. And Allah Knows best! An entire chapter of the book is devoted to explaining the subject of Dajjal.

And since the Jews have already returned to Jerusalem to reclaim it as their own, it follows that Gog and Magog, like Dajjal, are also close to the end of their mission.

Dajjal? The judeo-Christian 'Civilization'! (Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni)

In addition, the fourth of the quartet of books on Surah al-Kahf will be devoted to a comprehensive explanation of this subject Insha Allah. DUKHAN SMOKE This appears to be totality of environmental pollution not just smog and haze that is already wreaking havoc on the earth itself and is bringing about global warming with the consequent impact of earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding etc. The modern industrial economy that Dajjal has authored, appears to be the greatest culprit of environmental pollution in the world today.

In other words, we have been tricked into causing Dukhan smoke which in turn spawns global warming and eventual climatic disaster. However, it is important that we note that there are several Ahadith in Sahih Bukhari that declare the sign of Dukhan smoke already appeared in the lifetime of the blessed Prophet.

They also do so despite the specific declaration of Prophet Abraham peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him that his Lord-God causes the sun to rise from the East. Hast thou not turned thy vision to one who disputed with Abraham about his Lord, because Allah had granted him power? Abraham said:.

Eschatology of the Russian-Turkish conflict

Nor doth Allah give guidance to a people unjust. But this sign has provoked numerous other non-literal interpretations, all of which agree that it has already occurred. Our view is that the rising of the sun from the West symbolizes an upside— down world in which mankind is led by their noses to a way of life which would be the very opposite of that natural way ordained by Allah. Around the world today that natural money with intrinsic value has been displaced by artificial money with no intrinsic value and it is used as an instrument of oppression.

That upside-down unnatural way of life has already been accepted by most of mankind. In this sense, therefore, the sun is already rising from the West. They have no relevance to our subject. And as heretics they will fight on the side of Dajjal in the coming war.

It will be the Malhama great war prophesied by the Prophet Muhammad, that will lead to the conquest of Constantinople. After the victory of true Muslims, the city will be returned to Orthodox Christians.

After that, both armies will fight against the Dajjal who will be backed by the modern Occident and Israel in the land of Syria. American radical Protestants have always perceived Russia as an Apocalyptic threat. This view is based on their interpretation of Ezekiel 38 — This group is very strong in the US and in the American elite.

They believe that Russia is the Biblical Magog and that together with Persia Iran , Israel will be attacked and invaded, the latter of which will be backed by American Protestants. It is strange, but the fact that despite the religious differences in beliefs of American Protestant pro-Israel fundamentalists and Sunni-radicals, their views regarding Russia are very close. Both think and act as though Russia and Iran are their eschatological enemy. Both believe that they will fight in an Armageddon battle against Russia.

This issue reveals the Atlanticist nature of modern Sunni radicalism. Driven by these views, Islamists always will be a tool in the hands of Atlanticists. On the other side are the forces of traditionalist Islam, that is more pro-Russian than pro-Western.