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New Releases. Description A Knight at the Opera examines the remarkable and unknown role that the medieval legend and Wagner opera Tannh user played in Jewish cultural life in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Peretz, used this central myth of Germany to strengthen Jewish culture and to attack anti-Semitism.

Readers will see how Tannh user evolves from a medieval knight to Peretz's pious Jewish scholar in the Land of Israel.

Journeys beyond the pale: Yiddish travel writing in the modern world

The book also discusses how the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, was so inspired by Wagner's opera that he wrote The Jewish State while attending performances of it. A Knight at the Opera uses Tannh user as a way to examine the changing relationship between Jews and the broader world during the advent of the modern era, and to question if any art, even that of a prominent anti-Semite, should be considered taboo.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Other books in this series. Add to basket. The Jewish Jesus Zev Garber.

Multiculturalism in Israel Adia Mendelson-Maoz. A Knight at the Opera Leah Garrett. Unfinalized Moments Derek Parker Royal. Blowing the Whistle on Genocide Dr. Paul Cohen, raised in Chicago, served as an infantryman in the Pacific. As a forward observer, he went ashore in the first wave on Leyte Island and fought in the invasion of Okinawa. After experiencing anti-Semitism from his fellow servicemen during basic training, Cohen worked hard to defy the stereotypes of Jews as cowardly and weak. During combat in the Philippines, he rescued his wounded commanding officer from a burning village, and earned a Bronze Star for bravery.

After the war, he became an active member of the Jewish War Veterans. Harry Corre enlisted in the U. Army before the attack on Pearl Harbor and was sent to serve in the Philippines. After seeing many of his fellow soldiers shot by the Japanese, he escaped — only to be captured again and imprisoned in a POW camp.

He spent four years there, in charge of a burial detail. Leonard Everett Fisher grew up in Coney Island.

A Knight at the Opera : Heine, Wagner, Herzl, Peretz and the Legacy of 'Den Tannhauser'

In , he watched the Hindenburg floating over New York, saw the swastika on its side, and threw rocks at it. He enlisted in the Army after Pearl Harbor, was recruited for a top-secret topographical unit, and served in North Africa and Hawaii, making maps of enemy territory. After the war, he became a successful author and illustrator of books for young people, and he currently resides in Westport, Connecticut.

Max Fuchs emigrated to the U. Raised in an Orthodox family, he was studying to be a cantor when America entered the war. He fought in the Army infantry in the European theater, and became an assistant chaplain. In , he served as cantor for the first Jewish service to be held on German soil since the rise of Hitler, broadcast on NBC radio in Germany and across the United States.

After the war, he became a diamond cutter in New York City, and continued to serve as a cantor throughout his life.

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Eliot Hermon grew up in Brooklyn and was the seventh generation of his family to serve in the U. In April , he was among the first American troops to liberate a concentration camp — Ohrdruf, a subcamp of Buchenwald. Returning home, he resolved to deepen his commitment to Judaism and pass its traditions on to his children. He also joined the National Guard and remained in military service until his retirement.

She served stateside, at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where she was promoted to Sargeant and put in charge of discharging personnel. Her brother,who also served, was killed in a bombing raid over Germany. After the war, she settled in Stamford CT, where she became active in the Democratic Party, and ran for mayor three times. She passed away in One day, on his way to bomb munitions factories in Nuremberg, his plane had mechanical difficulties.

Journeys beyond the Pale : Yiddish Travel Writing in the Modern World -

He managed to parachute out and found himself caught on a church steeple in Belgium. Remarkably, he was rescued, returned to his unit and flew several more missions before returning home. After the war, he became a successful businessman and now resides in Boynton Beach, Florida. Henry Kissinger, a refugee from Nazi Germany, emigrated to the United States in at 15 years old, and settled with his family in Washington Heights in Manhattan.

The Roads I Travelled by Paul Theroux – A Singapore Writers Festival 2014 Lecture

He was drafted in and served in the Army infantry as a rifleman. After several months, he was recruited into counterintelligence because of his knowledge of German language and culture. In this capacity, Kissinger served in headquarters during the Battle of the Bulge, interrogating German prisoners of war and identifying German spies disguised as Americans.

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After V-E Day, he was instrumental in the de-Nazification of Germany, supervising the occupying government of the town of Hanover. He found out later that thirteen members of his family, unable to leave Germany, had died at Auschwitz. Kissinger went on to serve as the U. Secretary of State from to Mildred Landis grew up in Chicago and became a WAAC, where she cared for returning wounded soldiers, as a nurse in a hospital in California.

Her older brother also served and died in a German POW camp. Landis left the service after a year to care for her grieving mother but continued to volunteer in a general hospital after the war was over. She currently resides in southern California. Going back to his homeland as an American G. He witnessed the Buchenwald concentration camp soon after its liberation and was devastated by the experience. Iris Bruce. Kafka and Cultural Zionism is an illumination of the individual Jewish identity of this major modernist German author. Through a thorough examination of Kafka's life, his influences, and his writings, Iris Bruce makes a case for Kafka's interest in Zionism and demonstrates the presence of Jewish themes and motifs in Kafka's literary works.

In recognizing this essential part of Kafka's individual voice, Bruce hopes to provide a new perspective on Kafka and his writings that allows the reader to find the humor, playfulness, rebelliousness, and challenge that can be overlooked if the Through a thorough exami David Stern ; Mark J. This remarkable anthology of sixteen narratives from ancient and medieval Hebrew texts opens a new window onto the Jewish imagination. Presenting the captivating world of rabbinic storytelling, it reveals facets of the Jewish experience and tradition that would otherwise have remained unknown and examines the surprisingly deep connection between the values of classical Judaism and the art of imaginative narrative writing.

Virtually all the narratives appear here in English for the first time. Sometimes pious, sometimes playful, and sometimes almost scandalous, they are each accompanied by Presenting the Lamed Shapiro ; Leah Garrett. Lamed Shapiro was the author of groundbreaking and controversial short stories, novellas, and essays. Himself a tragic figure, Shapiro led a life marked by frequent ocean crossings, alcoholism, and failed ventures, yet his writings are models of precision, psychological insight, and daring.

Shapiro focuses intently on the nature of violence: the mob violence of pogroms committed against Jews; the traumatic aftereffects of rape, murder, and powerlessness; the murderous event that transforms the innocent child into witness and the rabbi's son into agitator. Within a society on the Himself a tragic figure, Shapiro led Sanford V.

Dr David Brauner. In this ground-breaking study, David Brauner explores the representation of Jewishness in key works by post-war British and American Jewish writers, identifying a transatlantic sensibility characterized by an insistent compulsion to explain themselves and their Jewishness in ambivalent terms. In this ground-breaking study, David Brauner explores the representation of Jewishness in key works by post-war British and American Jewish writers, i Jonathan Freedman From the beginning of modern intellectual history to the culture wars of the present day, the experience of assimilating Jews and the idiom of "culture" have been fundamentally intertwined with each other.

Robert Eaglestone The Holocaust and the Postmodern argues that postmodernism, especially understood in the light of the work of Emmanuel Levinas and Jacques Derrida, is a response to the Holocaust. Ranen Omer-Sherman "Israel in Exile" is a bold exploration of how the ancient desert of Exodus and Numbers, as archetypal site of human liberation, forms a template for modern political identities, radical scepticism, and questioning of official narratives of the nation that appear in the works of contemporary Israeli authors including David Grossman, Shulamith Hareven, and Amos Oz, as well as diasporic writers such as Edmund Jabes and Simone Zelitch.

Rosenfeld How can a fictional text adequately or meaningfully represent the events of the Holocaust? Stephanie Strickland This book of poems commemorates the 50th anniversary of the death of Simone Weil. Yair Mazor ; Michael Kovner A rich union of image and word, this striking book introduces English-speaking audiences to a full range of poetry by Asher Reich, one of Israel s most celebrated contemporary poets, paired with evocative drawings by renowned Israeli artist Michael Kovner.