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Oral Peptide Therapeutics - A Holy Grail or Quixotic Quest?

This is a dummy description. By covering the full spectrum of topics relevant to peptidic drugs, this timely handbook serves as an introductory reference for both drug developers and biomedical researchers interested in pharmaceutically active peptides, presenting both the advantages and challenges associated with this molecular class.

The first part discusses current approaches to developing pharmaceutically active peptides, including case studies of the use of peptidic drugs in cancer and AIDS therapy. A 9aa peptide was identified with similar potency to an approved product.

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  8. This paper describes probing of cell surface targets using the Orbit method. Different T-cell populations were screened for binding to T-cell receptors and peptides with appropriate structures for each T-cell population were identified. Read more.

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    4. August 30, Oxford, UK: Orbit Discovery, an Oxford, UK-based biotech company developing an industry-leading peptide discovery platform, are pleased to announce that Dr Mario Polywka has joined their board as a non-executive director.