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The Structure of the Psyche, by Carl Jung (full audio)

Tragic Beauty. Aphrodite women always stand out. Go to any public venue and wait for the moment of recognition: There she is--the it girl. Tall and slim, or short and slim, blond or raven or red-haired, it matters not. Whether she dresses like a princess or a prostitute, she has the unmistakable spark that is the touch of Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the golden goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology. Women who embody the Aphrodite archetype have much less choice in how they behave or react than they, or others, imagine.

The myths tell us that Aphrodite qualities are essential for the joy of life, but the shadow side of Aphrodite manifests when a woman is completely identifie.. Read More.

Jacqueline Wright and Marilyn Marshall - Oregon Friends of Jung

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Special Order. Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Cannot combine other item s in one order. To be at home in the world is an expression of attachment observed in all living beings and the specifically human need to create a world of shared meaningful experiences. Differing from the older forms of homesickness, homelessness in our times is not just about loss of a particular place, but can be more diffuse, and many don't know why they feel uprooted, unconnected, or incapable of deeper attachment to anybody or anything.

In contemporary culture, homeA has been reevaluated within an individual and collective context. It has been understood in both its psychological and sociological dimensions as a continuous process of encounter, assessment, and evaluation.. American Soul: A Cultural Narrative. American Soul delves into American rhetoric surrounding historical and current conditions and events to unearth an underlying cultural narrative or myth rooted in America's particular Judeo-Christian tradition.

Exploring the birth and evolution of the nation, foreign policy, political tropes, and the challenges of Katrina, 9 11, Enron, and the financial meltdown, a cultural image emerges which runs counter to popularly accepted notions of the nation's core identity. Neurosis: The Logic of a Metaphysical Illness. Psychoanalysis began over a century ago as a treatment for neurosis. Rooted in the positivistic mindset of the medicine from which it stemmed, it trained its empiricist gaze directly upon the symptoms of the malaise, only to be seduced into attributing it to causes as numerous as there are aspects of human experience.

Edifying as this was for our understanding of the life of the psyche, it left the sickness of the soul that was its actual subject matter, the neurosis which it was supposed to be about, out of its purview. The crux of this problem was of a conceptual nature. As psychology increasingly gave up on its constituting concept, its concept of soul, it su.. Craig Stephenson draws on depth psychology to provide an original and profound study of W. In this dramatic poem, Auden draws on Jung's psychological typology to explore and develop the themes of identity and integrity in times of war.

Stephenson examines Auden's use of Jung's critical psychology of type to understand the traumatic effects of war on the individual and collective psyche, as well as the noxious attractions of fascism. Since the start of the twenty-first century, Jungian psychoanalysts around the world have turned their attention toward the impact of collective traumatic events on individuals and history. In this volume, Jungian psychoanalysts from Russia, Eastern Europe, Israel, Africa, and Asia join a number of others who have made recent important contributions to the growing literature on this subject.

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Some of the chapters are personal and bear witness to the authors' own experience with cultural trauma; others offer a more general, historical look at the effects of trauma on patients and on cultures as a whole. Questions of practical treatment both for individuals and cul.. Michael Kearney demonstrates in this book that while the medical model has undoubted strengths in easing pain, it is limited in its ability to alleviate the psychological and spiritual suffering that often accompanies terminal illness.

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Complementing physical treatment with such depth approaches as dreamwork, poetry, divination, and a revitalized connection with nature, Kearney, a palliative care specialist, allows us to begin to integrate scientific and psychological metaphors. Creative Articulations Process, with Midgelow, V. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars,pp. See Link , pp. Chamberlain eds. See Link. Choreographic Lab Link.

Toured internationally including Glastonbury, Karnac Routledge , Ed. Logopedics, Phoniatrics, Vocology, , Vol , The Crashed Voice — a potential for change: a psychotherapeutic view. Reflections on the process of becoming an analyst. Reflections from Jungian Analysts.

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